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Dissemination of medical knowledge
Enlightenment business


Latest medical technology development support project


Clinical trials
Clinical trial promotion business

We will provide the latest medical information through symposiums and support for the dissemination of correct knowledge.
In addition, in order to actively reflect and disseminate the “voice of the field” in the region, we will support doctors and instructors to be active in academic conferences worldwide and nationwide.

・ Planning and implementation of public lectures ・ Planning and implementation of study groups and symposiums ・ Planning and implementation of public seminars ・ Forum planning and implementation ・ Support for participation in academic conferences ・ Support for attracting and holding academic conferences

To develop medical-engineering collaboration and systematically promote joint research and development with researchers and companies in different fields so that it will lead to the creation of highly advanced medical equipment such as medical equipment centered on cardiovascular treatment and regenerative medicine. We will support you.

・ Planning and implementation of medical-engineering collaboration information exchange site ・ Promotion of joint research ・ Matching between researchers and companies ・ Assistance for research expenses of researchers and support for participation in academic societies

In clinical trials and clinical trials of new medical devices and drugs, we provide logistical support between doctors and companies so that better medical care can be introduced and used between rural areas and cities without device lag.

・ Holding study sessions for doctors and comedics ・ Promoting cooperation between doctors and companies ・ Providing information to target patients


Basic research support project


Medical education support project


Medical support business for local and international communities

We will provide logistical support for researchers who conduct research that will be the cornerstone of disease treatment in the near future.

・ Support for participation in academic meetings and support for research funds

We provide practical medical knowledge mainly for cardiovascular diseases to doctors and comedics, and support medical development with high specialized knowledge.

・ Planning and implementation of training by cardiovascular disease ・ Assistance for participation in domestic and overseas training

We support the recruitment and training of students and young medical professionals who will be the leaders of the next generation of medical care, and support the creation of a regional medical network so that smooth diagnosis and acceptance of emergency cases can be achieved, contributing to the enhancement of regional medical care. increase.
In addition, we will actively support doctors involved in international medical support activities to popularize cardiovascular treatment in developing countries.

・ Planning and implementation of solicitation lectures ・ Assistance in participation in domestic and overseas training ・ Planning of opportunities to exchange opinions with regional medical institutions ・ Support for dispatching doctors overseas ・ Negotiation support business with overseas medical institutions

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